About The StOmp-e

Introducing the “Cajon Buddy”

stOmp-e stomp boxes are designed and crafted by Belinda. The concept came to fruition when Belinda wanted to create some extra low-end punch to her percussion rig without the need for adding a hefty bass drum!

The” Cajon Buddy” is the perfect accompaniment to any percussion set up! It’s sleek design makes the stomp box comfortable to play in a sitting position….like on a Cajon! The stOmp-e is made from a base plate and frame made of Aluminium with a durable 5mm acrylic perspex foot plate which makes the stOmp-e light in weight yet very durable. Pictured in a light sea blue colour – keep your eyes peeled for some new colours coming soon!

Simply plug your stOmp-e into an amp/bass amp or PA system, roll off the top end and boost the bass to your taste! Play your stOmp-e in soft soled shoes….or even no shoes are the preferred choice! Different sounds can even be achieved by playing the stOmp-e with your hands as a lap drum.

stOmp-e are in the development process of a new range of stomp boxes with on board controls for volume and bass tone enhancement. Please keep checking back as there will be lots of new additions to this page.

If you would like more information on the stOmp-e stomp box, please get in touch via my contact page.